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If you are new to Full Belly Fare, welcome! We are Portland’s favorite meal delivery service because we offer so many ways for our customers to customize their meals. We source local, organic meats and produce and create delicious meals you won’t find anywhere else. Our ability to create unique dishes that meet many dietary needs and portion them by the serving means everyone in your family can enjoy the meal that is best for their particular body. Gluten free and paleo are popular choices, but AIP, low sodium, soy free, vegan, vegetarian, and dairy free are also frequent options on our menus.

Chef-owner Lyla Wolfenstein’s has a long-standing passion for creating nourishing meals for loved ones, especially those with food allergies and who are going through family changes, illness, or recovering from surgery.

We have just launched our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help us expand and grow to meet the needs of our community.

Portland’s Full Belly Fare is expanding!


Why are we expanding?

Full Belly Fare was launched over two years ago serving just 12 families in the Portland area. Today, we deliver to more than 40 households each week, and our delivery area has grown to include not only Portland, but also Beaverton, Hillsboro, Clackamas, Happy Valley, Oregon City, Milwaukie, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Tigard, Gresham, Vancouver, Washington, and beyond.

As we grow, we realize we need a better and more functional shopping cart than the one we have now. Since each dish can be customized in so many ways, we’re running into hard limits of what our shopping cart can do. And because it is at capacity, there is always a concern some small change will break it entirely. Our goal has always been to serve our community by offering them the level of customization they need to order their meals. Updating our shopping cart will allow us to continue to grow and give us the opportunity to offer even more items like bone broth, premade sauces, frozen meals, kid-friendly meal options, and grain-free snacks.

Our new shopping cart will also make giving Full Belly Fare as a gift even easier and more convenient. Many of our deliveries go to people experiencing big life changes, but their loved ones live too far away to actually bring meals to show support. Instead, they send meals via Full Belly Fare. Our new shopping cart will make gift giving, both for individuals and for groups, easier and more streamlined.

Did you know that Full Belly Fare matches every meal donation we receive? Through our Buy One-Give Two matching meal program, we’re able to deliver weekly meals to families that would benefit from the allergy-friendly meals Full Belly Fare provides, but can’t afford our service for themselves. We believe that access to nourishing, satisfying food is important for everyone. 10% of funds raised from this crowdfunding campaign will go towards expanding this program.


A word about our perks

We’re grateful that many of our local food vendors have generously donated items to the Full Belly Fare campaign. When you contribute, you can select the perk you’d most enjoy and we will deliver it to you personally in thanks for your contribution. The following vendors have awesome items for you to peruse, and we use their wonderful products regularly in our Full Belly Fare dishes:

You’ll find Heart 2 Heart Farms yak in our Mediterranean Yak Skewer platter debuting in just a few weeks.

We use Olympia Provisions sausage in several dishes including our gumbo and our grilled sausages with onions and apples in cider glaze.

Flying Fish Company’s giant chemical-free wild prawns can be found in our Mexican full meal salad.

We use Yakobi Fisheries wild-caught Alaskan salmon in our salmon cakes and in our wild salmon salad.

You’ll find Pat ‘n Tam’s beef in our chili, Pakistani Kima (curry), as well as in our Bolognese sauce, meat muffins, and taco salad.

We’re very fortunate that in addition to many of our local food vendors donating items, several other local family oriented businesses have donated items and services as well:

ABC Doula
Milagros Boutique
Hairstylist Jessi Knight
Postpartum doula Dawn Benedict
Tax preparer Irena Gilmore
Bowery Bagel
Attorney Candice Aiston


How can you help?

Please contribute and share this campaign with friends and family!

Full Belly Fare embodies a commitment to the local economy, supporting small businesses, local food, and community. If these are important values to you, tell your community about this campaign and ask them to help!


Staying updated

We’ll be sharing updates on our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. We’ll also post regular updates on our Indiegogo page .