Welcome to Full Belly Fare!

We are excited to announce all of the available features of our new website are now live! You can:

  • Order á la carte from the weekly menu
  • Organize a group gift
  • Purchase an electronic gift card
  • Sign up for a recurring meal subscription package or a rollover credit subscription

    We are here for you!
    I am available for any questions and you can see each calendar month's menus for a bigger picture to ease ordering and meal planning HERE.

    Email, TEXT, or CALL 503-754-2718 to place an order for delivery for any or all upcoming Tuesday(s), to purchase gift cards, or with any questions.
    NOTE ABOUT EMAILS: I reply within a few hours, often more quickly, so if you don't see my reply check your spam - so many of my emails are recently going to spam, even replies!
    Please order no later than the previous Tuesday for delivery on the subsequent Tuesday!

    Tired of take out, but don’t have time to cook? Full Belly Fare offers Food for Every Body

    Shrimp Salad

    What if you could reclaim family time one meal at a time? New babies, health issues, and busy schedules can make it a challenge to put tasty, nutritious food on the table every night, especially so if you or family members struggle with food sensitivities!

    I know, first-hand, how difficult it can be to juggle mealtimes without resorting to repetitive, less nutritious take out or pre-packaged foods.

    Portland's Full Belly Fare gives you the ability to order high-quality, healthy meals, customized just for you and your family - delivered to your door! No meal planning, shopping, cooking, or clean up necessary!

    I love to cook and it brings me great pleasure to share my joy with family and friends, and now the larger community. Full Belly Fare weekly menus are sensitive to the needs of those who require or prefer a special diet such as gluten-free, paleo/primal, vegetarian, dairy-free, soy-free, low carb, Low FODMAP, vegan, low sodium, AIP, and more.

    Our produce and meat is organic and local whenever possible, often also grass-fed, and always high quality.

    Full Belly Fare has, since 2013, offered Portland a home food delivery service that can work for any family! Our team members all love to explore new ingredients and flavor combinations!

    The menu


    Unlike "cook ahead and freeze for a month" plans or meal prep kits, our menus change weekly and monthly. They are delivered to you once per week, fully prepared and require only replating and reheating (cold dishes can be eaten straight out of container, if preferred, and for our glassware customers, so can hot dishes!)

    Customers can choose from 4 to 5 main dishes, and many add-on options each week, including vegetable sides and salads, grains, fresh breads, and dessert as well. For those on a budget, main dish only is always an option.

    We also have an ever-expanding menu of "uncomplicated your life" items, such as smoked chicken, tofu, and salmon, grilled steak and chicken breast, caramelized tofu, keto and paleo rolls, breakfast sammies, panini, breakfast burritos, paleo salmon cakes, chicken tenders, and meatballs - and SO MUCH MORE! This always available menu will simplify and expand your meal options throughout the week and reduce or eliminate your need to grocery shop!

    All dishes are designed to remain fresh and delicious for up to 5 days, unless otherwise noted as an "eat same day" item. Many dishes can also be frozen for later use.

    A great gift for family or friends!

    Salmon Salad

    Do you have a loved one who's had a new baby, surgery, or other stressor? A parent who wishes to age in place? Although you may not be able to deliver a meal yourself, Full Belly Fare is the perfect gift solution for family and friends who want to provide meaningful support to someone experiencing a life transition or challenge!

    Living wage

    We are committed to paying a living wage. We raised wages well in advance of what was required by Oregon’s minimum wage law, and every one of our cooks and delivery drivers at Full Belly Fare makes far more than minimum wage. Our food prices reflect our high quality, locally sourced, organic leaning ingredients, as well as above average pay for entry and skilled positions.