How does Full Belly Fare meal delivery work?

It's quite simple. Each week, you will have a choice of 5-7 main dishes and a variety of add on options such as grains, brunch items, vegetable sides, sauces, bulk proteins, and desserts.  The minimum weekly order without a subscription is $75.

Your order can be comprised of any combination of items from the week's menu! This is great for singles and smaller appetites or for those who prefer to sample a variety.  Any item can be ordered by the serving, to accommodate different tastes within a family. We also offer pre-designed packages to uncomplicate your life - you can purchases a package without a subscription and those can still be tailored to your specific dietary preferences and needs.

Pre-order meals for up to 3 weeks of fresh weekly deliveries - get ahead of the meal planning game! Also, remember that many Full Belly Fare dishes can be frozen for future use, and many bulk items come already frozen, so you can stock up on favorite items as well!

A la carte or rollover credit subscription orders must be placed no later than the Tuesday before the intended subsequent Tuesday delivery. All meals are delivered on Tuesday, unless otherwise noted as exceptions on the ordering page. Customer must notify Full Belly Fare of desire to skip or cancel subscription deliveries no later than the previous Tuesday, and subscriptions started on a Wednesday-Monday will be delivered the Tuesday following the upcoming one, as the subscription would have been started after the order cut off.

All orders are delivered Tuesdays between 9.30am and 5:30pm.

If no one is home to accept delivery, be sure to make a cooler and ice packs available to maintain your food's integrity and safety.  Once food is delivered, customer accepts responsibility for proper storage and consequent food safety and edibility.


Although many food containers out there are promoted as compostable, they are actually rarely truly compostable under the conditions in which they end up (in this country). Until such time that truly compostable containers that are also leak proof are designed, Full Belly Fare is proud to use the clamshell containers we have been using for more than 8 years - this particular brand is composed of nearly 100% post consumer recycled material - so they are actually quite "green" compared to other options. And now, they are recyclable as well!

Reusable is, of course, environmentally the best option for most, and we are thrilled to be able to offer reusable glass option for customers who wish to go that route! Subscription customers may pay a $25 deposit per $100 of subscription value, and then $5 per week per $100 for a pickup and sanitation fee - this allows all items to be delivered in glass. For non subscription customers who wish to use glass, most items can still be delivered in glass, but some items cannot, if they do not fit into mason jars. We cannot send our other, non jar glassware, to single order customers. If you are not a subscriber but plan to order weekly, then please contact us to arrange for "subscriber-esque" glassware service!

For non subscribers who wish to go the glass jar route, you will see glassware available with every menu item for which that is an option, the fee varies based on how many containers the item will require. Glass jars are still experiencing a shortage in the US, and are often either unavailable or quite expensive, which is why we have to charge a fee for these. If you order more than once, feel free to rinse and return them with your next order, or keep them - it's up to you!

If you are a rollover credit subscriber who has opted in to the subscription glass program, please select "glassware - yes, as a subscriber" so that we will put it in glass, but you won't be charged an additional fee as the reduced fee is already built in to the weekly charge.

The minimum weekly order is $75, and significant savings can be had by becoming a Rollover Credit or Meal Plan Subscriber

  • Main dish:  prices vary between $16-22 per serving (appetite and discount dependent)
  • Side dish, brunch item, and dessert add ons: price varies $2 to $10 per serving

  • Monthly promotions and other offers - sign up for mailing list and/or facebook page and follow us on twitter.
  • Sign up for a meal subscription - packages are automatically discounted a minimum of 10% (built right into the price). If you want to select your own items for each delivery, you can still benefit: sign up for the Rollover Credit subscription and get an ordering code with a 10% bonus credit!

Weekly orders must be placed by the Tuesday before the intended Tuesday delivery. All meals are delivered on Tuesday, unless otherwise noted as exceptions on the ordering page. Prepaid discount orders (Rollover Credit) must also be placed by the previous Tuesday, with meals scheduled for one or several of the following 3 Tuesdays. Additions may be made to previously placed orders or subscriptions, also by Tuesday. No modifications or refunds may be made to any order after the Tuesday deadline for the following Tuesday, as we do all our shopping and planning based on orders placed by Tuesday.

All orders are delivered Tuesdays between 9:30am and 5:30pm unless other arrangements are made.

If no one is home to accept delivery, be sure to make a cooler and ice packs available to maintain your food's integrity and safety.  Once food is delivered, customer accepts responsibility for proper storage and consequent food safety and edibility.

Whenever possible, packaging is recycled, recyclable, and/or compostable, and we also offer reusable glass container options (see the FAQ "Do you use environmentally friendly packaging?"). We avoid non-stick coating and aluminum cookware in favor of stainless, silicone, glass, and ceramic. Food is delivered fully cooked, cold, and ready to serve, refrigerate or freeze, or transfer to a heat safe container to reheat and serve.

Meals are prepared in a certified commercial commissary kitchen in Sandy, Oregon. Full Belly Fare is a fully licensed, insured, and registered business, and in compliance with all food handling, packaging and labeling laws.

Yes! Are you making a meal train for a friend in need? Is someone making a meal train for you? Or maybe out of town loved ones have asked how they can support you? Now, anyone whose community wants to contribute – big or small contributions, everything adds up – can have an group gift campaign with Full Belly Fare, and contributors need only name the recipient and enter a unique code for that recipient, in order to make a contribution. It’s quick, easy, and contributions of any size are a breeze.  Organize a group gift for yourself or someone else now!

Yes! Do you have a loved one who's had a new baby, surgery, or other stressful situation? Although you may not be able to deliver a meal yourself, Full Belly Fare is the perfect gift solution for family and friends who want to provide meaningful support to someone experiencing a life transition or challenge. Or maybe you're just looking for a meaningful, truly helpful gift for a holiday or personal occasion? Simply purchase an e-gift card and we can email the recipient (or you) the receipt and log-in information, with which to establish an account and place an order

What kind of dietary modifications do you offer?

With growing awareness among consumers about food sensitivities and individualized responses to different styles of eating, we strive to offer something for nearly everyone. Each week, most menu options may be ordered gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, soy-free, low-carb, paleo, primal, W30, vegan, vegetarian, low FODMAP, nightshade-free, AIP, SCD, Halal, low sodium, and more.

Customers can also specify individual ingredients to avoid, and can customize that request (for example "no peanuts or pine nuts but other nuts ok"), and/or can select a broader dietary plan, such as paleo, low carb, etc.

How do I customize?

When placing your order, please select specific needs under "menu item specific requests", including ingredients to avoid and for ;some dishes, added protein, or your general diet (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free) that does not have an upcharge. You may also select a broader dietary plan under "special diet", such as low carb, paleo, primal, etc. if you want your dish to follow that diet specifically. If you do choose a special diet, there is no need to also indicate specific ingredients to avoid that already fall under that diet - for instance, if you choose paleo, your menu item will automatically be gluten free, dairy free except for ghee, legume and grain free, refined sugar free. If you do choose a special diet, you can also indicate specific ingredients to avoid that you simply don't like, or that aren't excluded under the special diet you chose but that you personally need excluded. Example: you choose primal special diet (paleo but with dairy ok), but you can't have all dairy, you need to avoid high lactose dairy, so under menu item specific requests, you also select lactose free, and maybe you also can't have nuts, so you select that too.

We can make different dishes differently for each member of your family!

If you have different diets and tastes in your family, we have you covered! In order to get multiple versions of the same dish, you will need add the dish separately for each version you require, and customize it. For instance, if you want 3 grain bowls, but one needs to be cauliflower rice with chicken, one needs to be the default but add steak, and the third needs to be dairy free with no protein added, you will need to add each separately in order to customize without paying for multiple add ons for all 3 bowls, and in order to make it clear what you want. If, on the other hand, you are not modifying with anything that contains an upcharge, you can order multiples and note the differences in the special instruction box - for instance, if you want 3 grain bowls, no added protein (or all three the same added protein), no special diet, but you want one dairy free and the rest default, you can just order 3 at once and note in the pecial instruction box that you would like 1 of them dairy free.

PLEASE NOTE: Although we are very cautious with customer concerns, the kitchen is not an allergy-safe space; therefore, Full Belly Fare menus are not appropriate for those with severe allergies to trace cross-contamination levels of exposure.

Unlike "cook ahead and freeze for a month" programs, Full Belly Fare menus change weekly and monthly. They come to you fully prepared and require only replating (or glassware customers can simply reheat in the container in which the items arrive) and reheating (cold dishes can  be eaten straight out of container, if preferred.) All dishes are designed to remain fresh and delicious for up to 5 days, unless otherwise noted as an "eat same day" item. Main dishes can also be frozen or kept frozen for later use.

All meat and fresh produce are locally sourced and organic whenever possible, and all meat is antibiotic and hormone free.

At Full Belly Fare we focus on using fruits and vegetables that are organic or “no spray”, and I choose local/in season over more exotic options whenever possible. We also use meat that is antibiotic and hormone free, and, when possible, pastured/grass fed as well. Finally, we avoid trans fats, artificial preservatives, and additives. That’s it. We make real, homemade food you want to serve your family.