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Yelp reviews:

I attend a monthly luncheon that is catered by Full Belly Fare. The lunch is bagged and includes the main course as well as a dessert and any necessary sides. Plus everything is carefully and professionally labeled with ingredients. My favorite part is how delicious every Fully Belly Lunch has been! Every month it is something totally different, and I have yet to be at all disappointed. Imaginative and healthy meals using quality ingredients. I am already looking forward to the next luncheon's menu!

Lyla is wonderful! She is so prompt with email replies and always willing to answer any questions. The food she and her team make is healthy, creative and delicious. My husband just began eating meat again after ~4 years of us being a vegetarian household and raves about the grilled chicken. I'm happy I can customize our dishes to be omnivore or vegetarian!

Lyla is amazing. My wonderful coworkers gifted me a baby meal train for Full Belly. I was unable to place my order by the Thursday deadline, but Lyla corresponded with me personally via texting to ascertain my needs. All of the orders for that week had already been prepared, but she took it upon herself to make additional food just for my husband and me.
    I cannot express the feeling of relief to receive the bountiful delivery of pre-made healthy and delicious foods during the first week of parenthood. We placed a few more orders using the gift card provided by my coworkers, and when that was depleted, we continued to place orders because of the fantastic service, taste, and quality.
    We particularly loved the sour bread rolls, artichoke frittata, and (I believe it was) olive oil cakes with lemon sauce.

This food is SO good! Seriously! It is restaurant quality good. I was in a car accident and laid out for a few weeks and my friends set up food delivery through Full Belly Fare. The food is much better that anything I could make, cheaper than going out to eat, and about the same price-or a little more-as buying groceries to cook at home (we try to buy organic food so that can be pricey). Now that I am better, we will definitely be continuing this service!

Lyla offers a much needed service at a superior quality.
    I am a mom to a fabulous little girl. I work full-time and I have a husband that works full-time - we have two very unforgiving and demanding jobs. I tried the sleep-deprived route to pre-make the next night's dinner that I wouldn't be home to cook for the sitter to re-heat for my daughter because I stubbornly wanted her to have home cooked meals even if I wasn't there.
    And this was great, except that I was chronically exhausted and my husband and I were going to bed at different times, because I would stay up to cook, and we were feeling the strain.
    So I googled "meal delivery" and found a couple of different options, and ended up choosing Lyla since she offers competitively priced, locally sourced, well-made meals, and it has been the best option. I get to go to bed at the same time as my husband and my daughter benefits from fresh, healthy, well-made meals (as do my husband and I).
    Now I get to open the door to the fridge and gaze in at three days worth of meals that I don't need to fret about. The feeling that that ignites is overwhelming. After Lyla's meal delivery, it's a week worth of joy. Anything would do...but as it happens, her meals are original, well thought out, healthy, delicious, and filling. Exceeding expectations? Every single week.

My family and I have been ordering from Full Belly Fare for months. They have an eclectic tasty menu. Everything tastes fresh cooked and home made (but with much more flair than your average home cook). It's great to get home and have delicious, real pre-made food to heat up.

In a hectic and trying time for my family, Full Belly Fare has been a godsend! We've enjoyed enticing entrees and superb sides handcrafted with love from wholesome ingredients. Not only is the quality impeccable, but the flavors Lyla manages to infuse into her gourmet dishes are incredible. The fact she is considerate of numerous allergens, and accommodates various dietary restrictions makes Full Belly Fare our go-to choice for freshly made, healthy meals. We cannot wait for our next delicious delivery!

Going on several weeks now of being a FBF customer. So far, so good, in many ways.
    My main attraction from the start has been the emphasis that FBF places on quality ingredients - like local or organic food being a top priority.
    I'm also the type of person who's attentive to details, and I get the feeling that FBF definitely " dots their i's and crosses their t's ", as the saying goes. It seems to be a very efficient and organized operation that is apparent from the website order form (if not sooner), to the labels on the food containers.

After taking a blood test at a naturopathic clinic, I discovered I am allergic to dairy (no surprise - most Asians are lactose intolerant), soy, wheat/gluten, many types of beans, and eggs -- just to name the major ones. Knowing this meant a complete change of diet and lifestyle. I was desperate for food options that would meet my new dietary restrictions. That's when I came across Full Belly Fare on Yelp!
    I contacted Lyla to see what she could do for me and she was willing to create a menu with personalize meals that was gluten-free, nightshade-free, soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free, etc. I named it...she accommodated. She was very kind and responsive to all my questions and always got back to me in a very timely and professional fashion. She was even willing to deliver the food to me at my work.
    Although my husband and I are choosing to move forward with cooking our own food at this time to meet my dietary needs, I am still grateful to know that Lyla's food delivery business exists. It's a great option for someone who has food allergies like I do. I think the concept is amazing and something like this should be available everywhere. Do not hesitate to contact Lyla to see if she could work with your needs and budget. She's very helpful in her communication. I will certainly be keeping her in mind for the future.

What a perfect concept for a family who wants to eat extremely well, but does not want to do all of the cooking all of the time; or for a family who just had a baby, or who is having medical issues....
    You are able to choose items off of an online menu (new each week). Eclectic fare ranging from Gormeh Sabzi to Chicken Marsala, paleo madeleines to lemon curd with butter cookies, creative salads to die for that come heavy with the fixings (one included candied bacon).
    This really is affordable for the quality of food you are receiving: as much organic and local as possible. And options for gluten free, paleo, vegan, etc.
    Delicious and different enough from what I cook at home to be a refreshing replacement to eating out a few times a week. Love love love Lyla Wolfenstein's culinary imagination and knack for combining flavors and textures. I'd happily welcome a gift card to Full Belly Fare as a gift for my belly and my soul, any day!

Chef Lyla Wolfestein cooks up a mouthwatering array of culinary delights and then delivers it to your door weekly. Does it get any better than that?
    Her menu is creative and thoughtful, and includes gluten free and vegan or vegetarian options. She's prompt, and always warm as she delivers with a smile.
    A welcome addition to the neighborhood. Try it! You'll be glad you did!